Hannes Buder

Sarah and Hannes have been working as a duo since 2018. Their concept of nonconceptuality involves dance as music and music as dance, in a direct and nonabstract understanding of the two. Their voices are neither separated from dance nor from the sounds of the instruments.

music is dance,
dance is music,
these are not two seperate things, and they never have been.


Sarah Jegelka (1985) is a professional dancer based in Berlin. Sarah likes to find new ways of connecting and expressing different arts through movement. Fascinated by the notion of touching the unconscious inherent in movement,she has chosen to further her research in the area of instant composition and mind-body connection, studying western and eastern medicine and philosophies. Sarahs current projects are inspired by the observation of nature, instinctive movement and butho practices.


Hannes Buder (1978) is a musician and composer. He develops his own musical materials and sounds and utilises the cello, electric guitar and his voice.